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Dr Craig Bailey

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Craig Bailey
Dr Craig Bailey BVSc MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

From an early age Craig took a keen interest in animal health and husbandry, working at a local rescue centre. He then went on to pursue veterinary, getting a job here as a nurse in 2003, then starting at Bristol University on the Pre-vet course in 2010. After completing this, he moved on to the Veterinary course, completing both years, and in 2015 entered his final year. However, it was at this point he had a major medical incident which resulted in him having to drop out of the course entirely. Determined to finish his degree, 2 years after recovering, he returned and re-took years 3 & 4, and successfully qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2020. He then re-joined us, as a vet this time, with a passion for medicine.

Craig has always enjoyed being active, and is always on the go and has completed his bronze, silver and part of his gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. He is someone always wanting to find a practical solution to, sometimes, impractical problems, and likes to contribute to the veterinary community, getting involved and assisting on social media.